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Calculator - EMI Calculator

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The EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) calculator helps you calculate how much you need to pay every month towards your loan repayment, based on the Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Loan Tenure.

Loan Amount (Rs.)
Interest Rate (Reducing)
Loan Tenure (Months)
Equated Monthly Installment (EMI)
Total Amount with Interest
Flat Interest Rate PA
Flat Interest Rate PM
Total Interest Amount
Yearly Interest Amount

Our EMI calculator is easy to use and is quick to perform. Use our EMI calculator as a guide before availing for any kind of loan. EMI calculator let's you judge how affordable a loan can be for you. Always use the calculator to get a quick quote on your EMIs. If the quote satisfies you, then apply accordingly. It is this simple.
  • Enter the loan amount you wish to avail in the EMI calculator.
  • Then enter the loan tenure (months).
  • And the rate of interest (reducing).
  • Press "Calculate".
  • Our EMI calculator will tell you just how much your EMI amount comes to.
Along with your EMI you also get results like :
  • Total Amount with Interest
  • Flat Interest Rate PA / PM
  • Total Interest Amount
  • Yearly Interest Amount
Note: The result is just an indicative amount based on certain standards.